Friday, March 29th

4:00pm – Registration begins

5:00pm – Welcome and Introduction

5:10pm – Worship

5:20pm – Introduction of Justin Peters

5:25pm – “How God Speaks To His People”

                  (Justin Peters)

6:25pm - Break

6:35pm - Introduction of James White

6:40pm - "The Formation of the Canon" 

                 (James White)

7:40pm - Break

7:45pm - "Trojan Ministries and False Teachers"

                 (Justin Peters)

8:45pm - Closing Prayer

Saturday, March 30th

8:00am – Registration

9:00am – Welcome and Introduction

9:10am - Worship

9:20am – Introduction of James White

9:25am – “The New Testament Reliability

                  (James White)

10:25am – Break

10:35am - Introduction of Justin Peters

10:40am - "Do Not Go Beyond the Scriptures"

                   (Justin Peters)

11:40am - Lunch Break

1:00pm - "The Effectiveness of the Word of God"

                  (James White)

2:00pm - Break

2:05pm - "Practicing Discernment in the Church"

                 (Justin Peters)

3:05pm - Break

3:15pm - "How the Sufficiency of the Scriptures                         Should Affect Our Ministries"

                 (James White)

4:15pm - Break

4:25pm - "The Centrality of Christ in Scripture"

                  (Justin Peters)

5:25pm - Break

5:50pm - Introduction to Q&A

6:00pm - Q&A

Sunday, March 31st

9:30am – “Clouds Without Water”

                  (Justin Peters - Sunday School)

11:00am – “Paul’s Last Word to Timothy” 

                    (James White - Sermon)